Confederate State Buttons

Photo Item # Albert's Code Description Size Price
cs001 AB1 NEW   Alabama State Seal. Here is a good one! These were even rare in the "Old Days," and are, now, nearly impossible to locate with all the increased interest in collectible Civil War buttons. Choice button and premier backmark of "Superfin/Paris" 23mm $5000.00
cs002 AB3A5 Sold   Alabama Volunteer Corps with premium backmark of "E. Halfman/Montgomery Ala" rmdc. 21mm $1250.00
cs003 AB3C NEW   Alabama Volunteer Corps button; beautiful example! "W.G. Mintzer */ Phild" rmdc. 21mm $875.00
cs004 AB5 Sold   Mobile Volunteer Corps. Nondug and rare! This is a great button. ".Scovill. Mfg. Co./Waterbury" rmdc. Loaded with gilt. 21mm $2500.00
cs005 AB7A NEW   Local Alabama State Seal. Dug. No shank. Nice gilt-highlighting to this rare button. Some light edge chipping. 22mm $775.00
cs006 AK1A NEW   Arkansas State Seal, dug and beautiful. It was found in the early days in the 1862-63 camps in Middle Tennessee, near Hoover's Gap. (specific finds location available to purchaser). Light dent, Lots of gilt in all the right places. A relic hunter's dream! 23mm $6250.00
cs007 GA1Av NEW   Cuff and rare variety! "Scovill Mfg Co" 15mm $375.00
cs008 GA1B1 Sold   Excavated Georgia State Seal, "Schuyler. H. & G./New-York" rmdc. Retains nice gilt, slight pin-holing on rim edge. Very fine eye appeal. 23mm $375.00
cs009 GA1B2 NEW   Georgia. Blank, raised-mark,depressed channel. 24mm $375.00
cs010 SU128B NEW   Dug Pewter G.M.I. button. Rare local �and arguably, the only military school button made in the Confederacy during the War Between the States! Rim is not perfect, as seen in photograph, but pewter is solid and nice. The shank is absent. The GMI and 1851 are clearer on this one than the nondug one that I had. 21mm $450.00
cs012 GA2A Very Fine Georgia Seal with dated backmark: "*W. G. Mintzer/Phila 1861." rmdc. This is one of the very few backmarks which includes a Civil War date. 24mm $250.00
cs013 Tice's GA264A1 NEW   Republican Blues of Savannah, GA. Beautiful dug example, loaded with silver plating! "Horstmann & Allien/NY (w/rays)" It would be hard to upgrade this one! 23mm $1250.00
cs015 GA4A1 NEW   Georgia State Seal. Nondug condition. This is the variety most often recovered from campsites and battle positions of the Civil War. "Horstmann &Allien/.NY." w/rays. A nice, honest, gently worn example that shows service. 24mm $225.00
cs016 GA4A1 Sold   Georgia State Seal. Found at Antietam on private property. "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays. 24mm $175.00
cs018 GA5A NEW   Georgia State Seal. Imported through the blockade, but doesn't appear to have seen service. "Van Wart . Son & Co..*" 24mm $155.00
cs020 GA18A1 Sold   Irish Jasper Greens. RARE!...this is one of only two nondug examples that I have owned in something over 35 years. "Benedict & Burnham" with eagle. 23mm $5500.00
cs026 SU192 NEW   Kentucky Military Institute. ".Horstmann. Bro.&.Allien./Y" rmdc With Civil War Period state seal Kentucky buttons being so hard to come by, many collectors are now using these buttons as a satisfactory substitute in a Civil War state seal button set. 21mm $425.00
cs027 LA2A1 NEW   Louisiana State Seal. Wow! This is a choice example loaded with gilt and light toning. "*Scovill, Mf'g, Co*/Waterbury." 22mm $475.00
cs030 LA6 NEW   Louisiana State Seal button. Very fine condition. "Scovill, Mf'g, Co./Waterbury." 23mm $450.00
cs032 LA6unl NEW   Rare Louisiana variant backmark. of "Schuyler H&G/New-York" Nondug; no shank. If collecting Louisiana by backmark you will likely look a l-o-n-g time before you see another available. 22mm $300.00
cs033 LA7A1 NEW   Louisiana button. Nice nondug example. "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays 22mm $450.00
cs034 LA8B Sold   Local Louisiana button. Rare "Bellenot & Ulrich N.O." Nondug and nicely mellowed. Backmark is characteristically weak. Still retains traces of gold gilding. 22mm $2000.00
cs035 LA8C NEW   Local Louisiana. This button was made in the South, during the War, for Southern usage�a product of the Southern war effort. Blank, gilded back. 22mm $850.00
cs036 LA8D NEW   Local Confederate made Louisiana State button. Good, excavated example. 22mm $350.00
cs037 LA8F NEW   Local Louisiana button. Blank back. Nondug and quite the specimen. 22mm $975.00
cs038 LA8F local Louisiana button. Dug with gilt. 22mm $375.00
cs039 LA7A1 Louisiana Seal with Brilliant gilt "Horstmann & Allien/NY" w/ rays. 22mm $450.00
cs040 MD11 NEW   Maryland State Seal. Scarce die variant and harder backmark of "*Superior*/Quality". This has always been a tight example to locate. 23mm $425.00
cs041 MD11 NEW   Maryland State Seal, "Canfield. Bro & Co./Baltimore." 23mm $385.00
cs042 MD11 NEW   Maryland. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm $375.00
cs043 SU378Av Sold   Dug, cuff, face of rare St. Timothy Hall button. 15mm $100.00
cs044 SU217 NEW   Maryland Military Institute. Very rare! "Canfield .Bro & Co./Baltimore." 23mm $1875.00
cs045 MO2 NEW   Missouri State Seal button. Very nice patina and nice "Went off to War" look. "Extra/Quality" 23mm $425.00
cs046 MO1Av Missouri state seal, cuff, "Scovill Mf'g. Co,/Waterbury." 15mm $200.00
cs049 MO2A Sold   Super, dug example of Missouri State Seal button, "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury" Nice gilt, smooth patina. No repairs and a top shelf example of this rare and hard to find dug button. 23mm $1450.00
cs050 MP3A NEW   Mississippi "C". Fine, dug example with gilt highlighting and original shank. "Hyde & Goodrich/N.O." 21mm $1785.00
cs053 MP3A NEW   Mississippi Cavalry! The pictures say it all. "".Hyde & Goodrich./N-O." rmdc. 21mm $3350.00
cs054 MP4A Sold   Excavated Mississippi Infantry button. Nice, gilt highlighting, "Hyde & Goodrich/N. O." 21mm $475.00
cs056 MP4A NEW   Mississippi Infantry button. Very nice, smooth patina. Found years ago in Dumfries, VA "Hyde & Goodrich./ N-O." rmdc. 21mm $475.00
cs059 MP4A NEW   Mississippi Infantry, "Hyde & Goodrich./N-O." rmdc. 21mm $950.00
cs060 MP4Av NEW   Excavated Mississippi Infantry cuff button. Dark patina with traces of gilt, "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O." 15mm $255.00
cs062 MP8 REDUCED   Local Mississippi Infantry. Unusually narrow local-channel. Light dent on left bottom point of the star. What appears to be an additional dent at center bottom is just a reflection. This is a handsome and scarce button and priced attractively ($1000 less than an undented one would be). 21mm $1500.00$1250.00
cs064 NC2A NEW   North Carolina Staff Officers button. Beautiful! "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $1875.00
cs065 NC2A2 NEW   Rare button with incredible detail! North Carolina Staff with "Mitchell & Tyler/Richmond Va." backmark.. 23mm $2150.00
cs066 NC3A NEW   North Carolina Staff Officers, imported. "Van Wart .Son & Co..*" Look at the detail in this die work.. Scarce button. 24mm $1250.00
cs067 SU272 NEW   North Carolina Military Institute. Dug, loaded with gilt. "Scovill. Mf'g Co./ Watrbry." 19mm $1150.00
cs068 NC8 NEW   Local North Carolina with unusually clear "W. Widlt & Son/ Richmond Va" rmdc. 23mm $875.00
cs069 NC8 NEW   North Carolina button. Southern made� "S.A. Myers/Richmond Va." rmdc. Choice example in very fine condition. 23mm $875.00
cs070 SU150A NEW   Fine, dug Hillsboro Military Academy button recovered from a Confederate Camp at Varina, VA. 19mm $475.00
cs071 SU150B NEW   Hillsborough Military Academy button, "Schuyler. H. & G. N.Y." Found between Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. Gilted. 19mm $875.00
cs075 NC8unl Local; This die is un-pictured in Albert's or Tice's books! blank channel 23mm $750.00
cs079 NC14 NEW   Rare, early, thicker N.C. Sunburst. Nondug! Nice honest, mellow look that suggests this one made it to something more than just the parade ground. Original shank and surface. 22mm $1450.00
cs081 NC16A NEW   Dug with original shank intact and silver plating remaining! 23mm $475.00
cs082 NC16B NEW   Original, Non-dug, North Carolina Sunburst button. This one retaining its original shank and has a very nice copper patina. 23mm $1100.00
cs084 NC16B NEW   North Carolina Sunburst. Shows some ground action. No shank. 23mm $100.00
cs086 NC16A Sold   North Carolina Sunburst. Dug with substantial silver plating! No shank 23mm $225.00
cs087 NC16A NEW   North Carolina Sunburst. Dug. No shank. 23mm $100.00
cs088 SU272 NEW   Rare Bee's Nest button. North Carolina Military Institute. 19mm $1250.00
cs089 NC275A Sold   Hillsborough Military Academy; Ultra rare! This button is from my personal collection. 21mm $2250.00
cs090 SC3A NEW   Outstanding dug, early, flat Silvered South Carolina button. Wow...I'd crawl hands and knees through an awful briar patch to find one like this example! "*J.M.L & W.H. Scovill*/Waterbury/*Extra*/Superfine" 23mm $675.00
cs091 SC5B NEW   Early Low-Convex "Plain Field" South Carolina. "Young. Smith & Co/New York" 22mm $200.00
cs092 SC7As REDUCED   Dug, Early, Medium Size SC State Seal. "Scovills/Waterbury" no shank.; can feel, but can't see the slightest push.. 18mm $100.00$85.00
cs094 SC8B NEW   Silver-Plated South Carolina button, "***Young. Smith & Co***/ New. York" Found Battle of Malvern Hill. Low convex construction with dent to face. Scarce button for the reasonable price of $175. 22mm $175.00
cs095 SC13 NEW   Silver plated South Carolina State Seal button. Lots of silver, "Schuyler. H. &. G./ N. York." rmdc 23mm $375.00
cs096 SC13 NEW   Silvered South Carolina State Seal with excellent, mellow patina. "Schuyler. H. &. G./N. York" rmdc. 23mm $375.00
cs097 SC13A South Carolina Seal Blank depressed channel 23mm $225.00
cs098 SC13 NEW   South Carolina, "Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury" very shallow push 23mm $185.00
cs099 SC13Av NEW   Cuff South Carolina, dug; very light push: no shank; great gilt. Lots of eye appeal. 15mm $100.00
cs100 SC14A NEW   South Carolina; dug example, "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays 23mm $150.00
cs101 SC15 NEW   Beautiful, blockade run, South Carolina button, "*H T & B*/Manchester" 23mm $185.00
cs102 SC15As NEW   Cadet size South Carolina button. Dug. "*Extra*/Quality" 19mm $100.00
cs103 SC15Av NEW   Kepi Size "H T & B/Manchester" Quite Scarce in this tiny size! A British import for the Southern war effort. High grade officers material. 13mm $375.00
cs104 SC15Bv NEW   Nice, unlisted Medium South Carolina State Seal, "*Scovill Mfg. Co.*/Waterbury." 19mm $175.00
cs105 SC16A NEW   South Carolina. Nondug. Does not appear to have seen service. "Van Wart Son & Co.. *" 23mm $100.00
cs107 TX17 NEW   Civil War Texas button. A classic button and rare to see one of these, any more! Condition is exceptional (as nice as they come), with very hard to find backmark of "***Extra***/Rich" 23mm $6000.00
cs108 VA1 NEW   Earliest of the Virginia State Seal buttons; 1-piece construction; Silver plated; no shank. 22mm $375.00
cs109 VA2C NEW   Nice, unlisted example of the one-piece Virginia Seal, "*Exta.Fine*/Gilt" 22mm $475.00
cs110 VA2C NEW   Scarce, one-piece Virginia loaded with silver! "Extra/Plate" 22mm $475.00
cs114 VA2D NEW   Nice, dug, one-piece Virginia from the Richmond theater, "Young. Smith & Co./New. York" 23mm $185.00
cs115 VA3 Sold   Scarce, (very high convex) silver plated example of the "Soup Bowl" Virginia! "**Best**/Plated" 22mm $575.00
cs116 VA3A NEW   High-dome or "Soup Bowl" Virginia button. Scarce variety and so convex that it is nearly a half sphere! In fact, the detail is much sharper than the focus on camera permitted. Blank (eight stars within dotted circles). 22mm $550.00
cs117 VA4Av NEW   This scarce button is from my own collection�it was found in the Mexican War theater. Rare backmark and quite scarce in this size, no shank, "Canfield Broters/.Bal." (sic) rmdc. 15mm $175.00
cs118 VA4B NEW   Low Convex Virginia button. Dug near Richmond, VA. Nice. "Scovills & Co/ Waterbury" rmdc. 23mm $235.00
cs119 VA4A Low convex Virginia "+Canfield & Brother+/Baltimore" rmdc. 75%+ silver plate remains; nice! 23mm $425.00
cs120 VA6A NEW   Rare! Geo. Floyd Virginia State Seal button. Floyd only worked from 1842-1844. Smooth, bold example. Missing shank, but it would be hard to find a nicer looking example. 23mm $350.00
cs121 VA7A NEW   "Mitchell & Tyler/Richmond. Va." rmdc. 22mm $475.00
cs123 VA7A2 "Swords-Up" Virginia "*Scovill Mfg.Co.*/Waterbury" rmdc Super condition. This one is really nice! 22mm $300.00
cs125 VA8 NEW   Ultra Rare Virginia, "Benedict/Burnham" (early, spun, flat back) 22mm $1850.00
cs131 VA13A1 NEW   Virginia State Seal, "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury CT." rmdc. 23mm $300.00
cs133 VA14A NEW   Virginia State Seal; a tougher die variety. Dug and cleaned some. "W. H. Horstmann & Sons/Phi" rmdc. 22mm $175.00
cs134 VA15B NEW   Silver plated Virginia State Seal, ".Horstmann & Allien./NY" w/rays. Retains traces of the silver plating around the figure and amongst the letters of the legend. 22mm $350.00
cs135 VA15B NEW   "Godzilla" Virginia�.this Amazon means business! Dug. This button is typical of the material supplied for the Southern build up, just prior to the outbreak of the War. "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays. 22mm $175.00
cs136 VA16 NEW   Rare backmark variation! ":Steele & Johnson" no shank, but this has been my example for years and it is the best that I could acquire. 23mm $325.00
cs137 VA15B Virginia "Horstmann & Allien/NY" with rays 22mm $250.00
cs138 VA16A NEW   Virginia Seal "W.G. Mintzer. Phild.." 23mm $275.00
cs142 VA16Av Virginia Seal cuff. "W.G. Mintzer. Phild.." 15mm $175.00
cs143 Unl NEW   Tice's VA223A1. Rare Virginia button and seldom encountered. This example was found in Hanover Co., Va. "W.H.Horstmann & Sons/.Phi." rmdc 23mm $250.00
cs145 VA17A1 Scarce Virginia staff officer's button. "*Horstmann*/N.Y.& Philada" 23mm $325.00
cs146 VA18A Sold   Prettiest of the Virginia Staffs�loaded with gilt, dug in New Kent Co., VA and with a centered dent . Great display appeal. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm $235.00
cs147 VA20A NEW   Dug! Virginia Staff Officers button w/premium "Mitchell & Tyler/Richmond VA" backmark. Loaded with gilt�and more if you want to clean the rest of the woods crust off. 23mm $425.00
cs148 VA20C NEW   Virginia Staff cuff/vest for officers, "Canfield. Bro & Co./Bal." 15mm $200.00
cs150 VA22A NEW   Confederate made, Local Virginia button from the legendary Mac Mason Collection and with his Field Mark Collection Card! Found Fredericksburg, VA. 22mm $550.00
cs151 VA22 NEW   Virginia local with back variation (star in channel). Nice example. 23mm $1250.00
cs152 VA21 NEW   Rare, Virginia High-dome local with backmark! "W. Wildt & Son/ Richmond Va." rmdc. 23mm $3000.00
cs153 VA20A Virginia staff "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury." 23mm $250.00
cs155 VA20C Virginia staff "Horstmann & Allien/N.Y." flat back. 23mm $225.00
cs156 VA20C Virginia staff "Horstmann & Co/NY&Phi" 23mm $250.00
cs157 VA21Av NEW   Local (Confederate made) Virginia, cuff size. Found Fredericksburg, VA Excellent example. 15mm $175.00
cs159 SU407Av NEW   Virginia Military Institute cuff button. Bright gilt, "Robinsons./Extra" 15mm $200.00
cs160 SU408v Virginia Military Institute cuff "*Robinsons*/Extra" 15mm $200.00
AB3A1 Sold   Alabama Volunteer Corps button. Beautiful, dug example, "Scovill Mf'g Co./Waterbury" rmdc. Found years ago in Dumfries, Va, at Alabama Hill, 1861 winter camp of the 4th Ala. Infantry. 21mm $575.00
GA1Av Sold   Scarce little button. A true cuff to the GA1. Blank 15mm $250.00
KY1Av Sold   Kentucky cuff "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $250.00
MD11Av Sold   Maryland State Seal cuff. "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $175.00
MD11Av Sold   Maryland cuff. "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $175.00
GA1Av Sold   An excavated example of cs009 above. Found in a Georgia winter camp at Centreville, Va. (more detail available). Blank. Edge crack and chip to right lower quarter 15mm $100.00
MP4A Sold   Dug Mississippi Infantry. Still retains some gold highlighting. There is some modest denting to front and back . "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O." rmdc. 21mm $300.00
NC8 Sold   Silver plated North Carolina Seal. Found Battle of North Anna, Va. 23mm $275.00
NC15 Sold   North Carolina Sunburst. Dug with original shank intact! Now that is a tough order on this button. 23mm $450.00
VA2B Sold   Nice, 1-piece Virginia button dug in Centreville, Va in 1998; no shank.; additional finds information available. 23mm $200.00
VA7A Sold   Rare "Mitchell & Tyler/ Richmond Va" marked "Swords Up" Virginia button. Sharp detail 22mm $475.00
VA13A Sold   Virginia, scarce and desirable backmark variant: "Kent. Paine & Co./Richmond*.*.*" rmdc. 23mm $375.00
--- Sold   Virginia Military Institute��rare Confederate imported variety! "Firmin & Sons/London" 21mm $550.00
GA4A Sold   Georgia State Seal. Dug. Rare and especially hard to find backmark of ".Steele & Johnson (on lines)" rmdc. Found in Richmond, Va at an 1861 training ground for Conf. Troops known as Camp Lee (named for Light Horse Harry, father of R.E. Lee). V.M.I. Cadets served as the Drill Instructors. Condition is superior! 24mm $475.00
KY1Av Sold   Kentucky state seal, cuff size. Nice, flat ".Horstmann./New York" back, like on an Arkansas cuff. 15mm Sold
MD11A Sold   Nice, dug Maryland, "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Even patina 23mm $450.00
MD17A Sold   Baltimore City Guard. Wow, mint! "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $750.00
MP2Av Sold   Mississippi Artillery cuff. Selling this out of my personal collection and only the second that I have ever owned in nondug condition. "Hyde & Goodrich./ N.O." Ultra-rare. While not detracting, there is a soft (very soft and nearly invisible) push beneath the "A" 15mm $1550.00
MP4A Sold   Dug Mississippi Infantry. Still retains some gold highlighting. . "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O." rmdc. 21mm $450.00
MP4Av Sold   Cuff Mississippi Infantry. "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O." Be sure to click on the thumbnail to see this one�it has real character! This one "saw the elephant." 15mm $575.00
NC8D Sold   Dug North Carolina State Seal. Crease/manufacturing flaw at 9 o'clock position. Punched out style (Wildt & Kline) shank. 23mm $100.00
NC8v Sold   Rare cuff North Carolina local. This excellent specimen displays super sharp detail, super slick, even patina. Found Fredericksburg, VA. Click on the thumb-nail picture to appreciate it. 15mm $375.00
NC8D Sold   Dug North Carolina State Seal. Some edge chipping and small crack at 3 o'clock position. Punched-out style (Wildt & Kline) shank. 23mm $100.00
NC16B Sold   N.C. Sunburst. Sweet example! Found in King George Co., it doesn't get much better. 23mm $150.00
SC8A Sold   South Carolina, scarce variety. Excellent dug example of this tough variant. It looks like it will clean some more around the central device, but will leave that for someone with patience and the time to do it properly. "***Young. Smith & Co. ***/New .York/ (inner circle of triangles)" Found in the defenses of Charleston, SC 23mm $375.00
SC17A Sold   Palmetto Guard! Large size and perfect example of this rare and very desirable button. "(Lion)/ Extra Gold Qualy." 24mm $2650.00
SC15 Sold   South Carolina, Medium size. Pushed, worn, scratch, "hard fought!" 19mm $125.00
Unl Sold   Local South Carolina. Southern made, and unlisted Local South Carolina button. Some silver showning from beneath the woods crust. Punched through (Wildt & Kline) style shank is three quarters intact. Very cool button! 22mm $350.00
VA13Av Sold   Tice's VA223A (Rare and unlisted in Albert's). Dug! Retains 95 percent (plus) Silver plating. "Wm H Smith & Co/ New York" no shank; otherwise flawless. This wonderful button was found in the greater Richmond, Va area 15mm $275.00
NC16A Sold   North Carolina Sunburst; Scarce Nondug! Copper and with original shank! 23mm $1100.00
VA13 Sold   Virginia button with scarce backmark variation. "Wm H Smith & Co/ New-York" Dug; nice gilt highlighting. Found Fredericksburg, VA 23mm $255.00
AB3A1 Sold   Alabama Volunteer Corps. Dug. Shows some wear and ground action, but is nicer in person, than the picture allows! You will be pleased. "Scovill Mfg Co/ Waterbury" rmdc. 21mm $400.00
AB3A3 Sold   Alabama. "AVC" with exra rare "Lambert & Mast/Philada" rmdc. The unusual and desirable mark is easily readable; patina is smooth; device is highlighted with gilt. 21mm $425.00$400.00
AK1A Sold   Arkansas State Seal. Very nice condition showing genuine usage. "Horstmann & Allien/N.Y. 23mm $6,750.00
FL1A Sold   Florida Territorial Seal. "Scovill Mfg Co./Superfine" rmdc. 21mm $2650.00
GA1A2 Sold   Very fine dug Georgia Seal with nice gilt highlighting the device: "*W. H. Smith & Co*/New-York" rmdc. 24mm $325.00$275.00
GA4A1 Sold   Georgia Seal; "Horstmann & Allien/NY" with rays 24mm $200.00
GA4 Sold   Silver Plated Georgia button. Here is a rarity and loaded with silver! It is one of the nicest examples of these that I have handled. 24mm $1250.00
GA4A1 Sold   Scarce Silver plated Georgia Seal "Horstmann & Allien/N.Y." with rays. 23mm $550.00
GA5A Sold   Georgia Seal; "*Van Wart. Son & Co.." 24mm $125.00
GA5A Sold   Georgia Seal; "*Van Wart. Son & Co.." 24mm SOLD
GA4av Sold   Georgia cuff; rare with Steele and Johnson backmark, dug. 15mm $125.00$110.00$100.00
GA8 Sold   Georgia State Seal coat button. Local, channel back. Slightest push and short crack, but good value here. 24mm $75.00
GA11 Sold   Non-dug local Georgia; blank. 21mm SOLD
SU128B Sold   Rare Non-dug local Georgia Military Institute; 1-piece, pewter. 22mm SOLD
KY1D Sold   Kentucky State Seal "*Superior*/Quality" rmdc 23mm $750.00
KY1D Sold   Kentucky Seal "Horstmann & Allien/NY" Mint 23mm $750.00
LA2A2 Sold   Beautiful Louisiana button. "***Extra***/Rich" 23mm SOLD
LA3A Sold   Louisiana State Seal. "Hyde & Goodrich/New Orleans" Dug with facial denting. Gold highlights to design. (Kernstown, VA�I think) 22mm $200.00
LA3Aunl Sold   Louisiana Seal; "Hyde & Goodrich/N-O." rmdc. Unusual variant with LA2 marking on LA3 face design; no shank; very nice mellow patina. 23mm $350.00$300.00
LA7unl Sold   Louisiana Seal; "Horstmann's /N.Y.& PHI" 23mm $450.00
MD11A Sold   Unusual Maryland with double-struck backmark. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm SOLD
MD11 Sold   Hard to find "*Superior*/Quality" example. Dented. 23mm $175.00
MD11Av Sold   Maryland cuff "Canfield. Bro & Co./Bal." 15mm SOLD
MD11A Sold   Maryland State Seal coat button. "Extra/Quality" Shank missing. 23mm $250.00
MD11Av Sold   Maryland cuff. "*Extra*/Quality" Dug with highlighting of gilt. Original shank and solid, unbroken rim. 15mm SOLD
MD17A Sold   Rare! Baltimore City Guard button. Excellent condition with 1850's "Scovill MG Co/Waterbury" in small letters around the outside edge of button. 23mm $775.00
MO2A Sold   Missouri State Seal "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
MP1 Sold   Dug Mississippi State Seal coat button. "Hyde & Goodrich/New Orleans" This is the original Mississippi Staff from which many of the locals were copied. Attractive gilted button. Extremely rare. 23mm SOLD
MP2A Sold   Mississippi "C" Non-dug. "Hyde & Goodrich/N-O" rmdc. 21mm SOLD
MP3Av Sold   Dug Mississippi "C" cuff. "Hyde & Goodrich/N.O." 16mm SOLD
MP4A Sold   Mississippi Infantry. Still has stippling on the star! It didn't take much polishing and wear until the star went smooth...check around and see. "Hyde & Goodrich./N.O." rmdc. Premium example! 21mm $1150.00
MP4 Sold   Mississippi "I" "Hyde & Goodrich/N-O"rmdc. Note stippling still present on the star. 22mm SOLD
MP5A Sold   Lined field Mississippi Local; blank. 22mm $4750.00
MP8A Sold   Exquisite local Mississippi "I". Condition is outstanding! 22mm $2500.00
MP8A Sold   Local Mississippi "I" button. Very light ding on star point to viewer's right of "I"; traces of gilt remain on this dug button. 22mm SOLD
MP8 Sold   Dug Mississippi Infantry "I" "local" cuff Blank. Probably produced by C Rouyer. No shank. Attractive patina. 16mm $115.00
NC8 Sold   Dug North Carolina Seal. Damage on front and back, but a very displayable example. 23mm $75.00
NC8A Sold   Local NC Seal, "S.A. Myers/Richmond VA" rmdc 23mm SOLD
NC8C Sold   NC State Seal. Local. 5 pointed star in channel with Wildt & Kline punched through shank 23mm $675.00
NC8B Sold   Local NC Seal "W. Wildt & Son/Richmond VA" Unusually readable and fine example. Backmarks are usually obscure and unreadable on these. 23mm $800.00
NC8 Sold   Local NC Seal, dug, blank channel with star; shankless, smooth patina. 22mm $60.00
NC14A Sold   Rare thick planchet, stippled field, North Carolina Sunburst. 22mm $1450.00
NC15A Sold   North Carolina Sunburst. Excellent non-dug, copper example with original shank!! 23mm $1250.00
NC16B Sold   North Carolina Sunburst. High relief variant with good color and look. Found near Tenth Legion, VA. 23mm SOLD
NC16B Sold   North Carolina Sunburst. Very nice with light silver wash. 23mm $125.00
SC3A1 Sold   Rare, low-convex South Carolina: "*Wm. H. Smith & Co*/New-York" rmdc; light push. Heavily silver-plated. Rare and very hard to find non-dug. 23mm $450.00
SC3unl Sold   South Carolina; early low convex 2-piece (flat style). "Young. Smith & Co/ New York" Silver plated. Found in the greater Charleston, SC area. 23mm $375.00
SC9Av Sold   Silver-plated South Carolina cuff button. Dug in nice solid condition. 15mm SOLD
SC13A Sold   Silver Plated South Carolina button. "Wm. H. Smith & Co./New York" rmdc. Nicely highlighted with silver. 23mm $275.00
SC13A4 Sold   South Carolina Seal "Schuyler. H.& G./New-York." rmdc. Excellent condition. 23mm $250.00
SC14Av Sold   Dug South Carolina Seal, Medium size. ".Extra./Rich" rmdc. Gilted, from Charleston, S.C. 19mm $125.00
SC20A Sold   Local South Carolina Seal. Blank channel with star. No shank. Dented, but smooth chocolate brown. Old time find from Virginia. 23mm $65.00
SC22 Sold   Pewter South Carolina Local, medium. Nice clear face with edge loss. 16mm SOLD
--- Sold   Recently identified "Charleston Light Infantry" (Charleston military unit with Scottish heritage) button. There are two very slight pushes to the front (at 4 and 8 o'clock). A prize button. Found near Charleston, SC 21mm $1150.00
TN4A Sold   Tennessee local. 21mm SOLD
VA2D Sold   Virginia State Seal 1-piece construction "Young.Smith & CO./New-York" Dug with shank, smooth patina. 23mm $175.00
VA4B1 Sold   Low convex Virginia "Wm. H. Smith & Co./New York" 23mm $375.00
VA4B2 Sold   Low convex Virginia "*Wm. H. Smith & Co*/New-York" rmdc 23mm $350.00
VA4B2 Sold   Low convex Virginia. Great gilt, w/ dent. ".W.H. Horstmann & Sons./Phila" rmdc 23mm SOLD
VA9A Sold   Scarce Virginia variant! ":Scovills & Co:/Waterbury" rmdc. Found in Hillsboro, Loudoun Co., Va. 23mm $225.00
VA13A2 Sold   Virginia "Canfield Bro & Co/Baltimore" rmdc 23mm SOLD
VA13Av Sold   Virginia cuff. "Scovills & Co./Extra" 15mm SOLD
VA13 Sold   Dug Virginia seal. Nicely highlighted with gilt. "Kent Payne & Co./Richmond" rmdc. Found at a railroad station in western North Carolina. 23mm SOLD
VA13av Sold   Outstanding dug Virginia seal cuff! "Wm. H. Smith & Co./New York" Heavily gilted. It would be hard to find a better one. 15mm $250.00
VA15A Sold   Virginia "Horstmann & Allien/NY" with rays 22mm $250.00
VA15B Sold   Virginia "Horstmann & Allien/NY" with rays. Found in Western Fairfax Co., Va. 22mm SOLD
VA17A1 Sold   Virginia "*Horstmann*/N.Y.& Philada" 23mm SOLD
VA22 Sold   Virginia local. Nice, solid, woods dug example of a Virginia button made in the South, during the Civil War, for Confederate usage. Still retains some traces of gold gilt. 23mm $425.00
VA20unl Sold   Rare and unlisted Virginia staff variant "Wm. H. Smith & Co./New York" 23mm $350.00
VA21A Sold   Virginia high dome local. Rare! 23mm $2500.00
VA22A Sold   Virginia local with beautiful gilt. 23mm SOLD
SU408 Sold   Virginia Military Institute. "R&W Robinson" in ribbon with eagle above. The spearhead passes between the "D" and the "E" of "Cadet". 22mm $200.00
VA21unl Sold   Rare local high dome Virginia; with blank channel back. Nice brown patina. 23mm $375.00