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Union Central Government Buttons


PhotoItem #Albert's CodeDescriptionSizePrice
uc001 GI79unl Infantry; low convex, 2-piece. ".Young Smith & Co./New York". Excellent silvered example. 21mm



uc002 Unl Sold  Very intriguing face die, silvered, early Eagle "I" button found Pensacola, Florida. ".W. H. Smith & Co./New.York" Two edge flakes.; loaded with silver. This is a wonderful dug button. 23mm $75.00
uc003 GI79E REDUCED   Silver plated Eagle "I"; 1-piece, "Plated/(wreath)" 21mm

was $55


uc004 GI82A NEW   Low Convex Eagle "I"; 2-piece, silver plated. ".Scovills./ Waterbury" rmdc. 21mm $55.00
uc005 GI85 NEW   Excellent condition dug Union Infantry button. Loaded and bright with gilt! "Scovill Mf'g Co,./Waterbury." 23mm $50.00
uc006 GI85 NEW   Unusual, Kepi Infantry button. Scarce example of a tin back button used on kepi visor straps. Many people do not know that these existed in limited quantities during the Civil War with floppy shanks. The shank is no longer distinguishable on the back (either rusted away or into the back). 14mm



uc007 GI85 Infantry, Civil War. Overcoat size "*D. Evans & Co.*/Attleboro" 23mm $30.00
uc010 GI85 REDUCED   Union Infantry button. Unusual design feature�notice the double outlined shield. "*Extra*/Quality" Nice, bright highlighting. 21mm



uc012 GI85 NEW   Scarce Hand Chased Infantry Officers. The eagle and the "I" are tooled (decorated). Nice! "*Horstmann Bros & Co*/Phil".  This is the last example of this small group that is available.  When it is sold, I will be out of these. 23mm $45.00
uc014 GI94 Scarce overcoat size eagle button; heavily gilted: "*Scovill Mf'g Co*/Waterbury" 23mm $35.00
uc018 GI83A Infantry; low convex, 2-piece. ".Young. Smith & Co./New York." Silvered example. 21mm $45.00
uc020 GIunl Sold Militia 2-piece high domed eagle. Shield is totally blank (not lined, or lettered, at all). Very unusual button. "W.H. Horstmann & Sons/Phi" rmdc 21mm $100.00
uc021 GI88 Infantry, Civil War. Dug overcoat size with nice gilt. "*D. Evans & Co.*/Attleboro. Mass" 23mm $30.00
uc022 GI95Av NEW   Berdan's Sharpshooter button, excellent detail; hard rubber, ""N.R. & Co./Goodyear's P=T." 15mm $200.00
uc023 GI95 REDUCED   Silver plated, high convex Eagle "I" button. "& Steele. &/ Johnson." 21mm  $55.00.... Now $50
uc026 CV1Av NEW   Cavalry cuff button. Dug with nice, bright highlighting. Blank. 15mm $40.00
uc029 CV1B1 Sold   Dug overcoat Eagle "C" button. Lots of gilt and very display worthy. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Hole in back where shank had been. 23mm $50.00
uc030 DR3 Sold   Very nice. dug, dragoons button. Smooth, even patina, ".Scovills./Waterbury" 20mm $125.00
uc031 DR3Av NEW   Fine, dug dragon cuff or side button, "_Scovills_/Extra" 15mm $55.00
uc034 DR3A2 NEW   Dragoon. Scarce variant; Geo. Floyd only worked between 1842-1844. "Geo. Floyd/Philadelphia: 20mm $225.00
uc036 DrUnl Sold   Early Dragoon button; 1830's backmark; nondug and pristine. "Scovills/Waterbury" (early flat back with radiating lines). 20mm $225.00
uc039 DR4 Sold   Dragoons button found in the camp of the 9th Michigan, West Point, KY. Dented. 21mm $60.00
uc043 AY76 Low convex Artillery "Young Smith & Co./New York" rmdc. 20mm



uc044 AY78 Sold Artillery ".W.H.Horstmann & Sons/Phi" rmdc 21mm $45.00
uc045 AY79A REDUCED   Premium, dug condition Federal Artillery button. "Scovill Mf'g Co,./Waterbury." 23mm



uc049 AY79 Artillery, Civil War, Overcoat size: "*Scovill Mf'g Co*/Waterbury" 23mm $55.00
uc051 AYunl REDUCED   Silver plated Eagle "A"; 1-piece. "Plated/(wreath)" 21mm



uc053 EG6Dv REDUCED   Early and near mint! "Robinson/Extra" 15mm



uc054 EG6 REDUCED   Civil War Engineer Corps button. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/.Waterbury." 23mm



uc055 EG6 Engineers coat size. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Near mint. 23mm $200.00
uc056 EG6H NEW   Engineers; excellent condition, "*Horstmann Bros & Co*/Phil" 23mm $225.00
uc057 EG6unl Engineers ".Horstmann.Bros.&.Allien/N.Y." 23mm $225.00
uc058 FD1Av NEW   1-Piece Revenue Cutter Service, "U.S. Revenue Service" 15mm $325.00
uc059 FD4Av NEW   Revenue Cutter Service, cuff. ".Robinsons./Extra" 15mm $125.00
uc060 OC3 Sold   Awesome dug Ordnance button! Bold, strong backmark of "U.S/*Ordnance Corps*" No upgrading necessary on this one. 22mm $275.00
uc061 OC3 NEW   Dug Ordnance button. Smooth patina, but has a dent and rim crack.. The patina is nice and it displays well. Also, "U.S/*Ordnance Corps*" backmark. 22mm $125.00
uc062 OC3Bv NEW   Ordnance Corps cuff button, "Scovills/Waterbury" 15mm $75.00
uc063 OC3v Sold   Ordnance cuff button; dug. With some ground action, light rim damage and pin holing, but very displayable and much better than the picture suggests. 15mm $75.00$60.00
uc064 OC5 NEW   Ordnance Corps, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $275
uc066 RF18 Sold   Low convex Riflemen's button. Found Charleston, SC. Probably adorned the uniform of a South Carolina militiaman. Sweet, smooth, even, dark patina�the shield, behind the letter "R," is lined, not blank! 20mm $125.00
uc067 RF19 Sold   Very fine, dug Union Riflemen's button. Smooth patina, loaded with gilt, missing shank, "Scovill Mfg Co/.Waterbury." 21mm $75.00
uc068 RF19 Sold   Excellent dug Eagle "R" with rare backmark of "Young Smith & Co/ NY" rmdc. Found on private property at the Battle of Antietam. 21mm $165.00
uc069 RF19v Traded   Cuff Eagle "R" with a swatch of cloth 15mm

$75.00$60.00 Now...$55


uc072 TE4A Sold Topo. Eng., 2-piece; Heavily gilted and scarce. "*Scovill Mf'g Co,*/Waterbury" 23mm $750.00
uc073 FD4Av Civil War era cuff Revenue Cutter Service button. "D.Evans & Co/Ext" Nice! 15mm $75.00
uc074 FD8A NEW   Civil War Era Revenue Cutter Service. "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays 23mm $200.00
uc075 OD33 NEW   Wonderful Diplomatic button. "E. Owen & Son/ Washington D.C." 25mm $425.00
uc076 OD20 Sold   Lovely detail on this US Official and Diplomatic button. Blank. 24mm



uc077 FD8 NEW   Revenue Cutter Service; dented. Scarce 2-piece. 23mm $175.00
uc078 NA86Cv Sold   US Navy, cuff size, 1-piece. Found Richmond, Va, no shank. "*Superfine*/Colour" 16mm $20.00
uc081 NA106A5 NEW   Nice 1840's Navy button. "Scovills/Extra Superfine" rmdc. 21mm $85.00
uc082 NA112As NEW   Civil War Navy. "Scovill Mg Co.." rmdc. 17mm $25.00
uc083 NA107Av NEW   Dug Navy cuff (Eagle on upright anchor); the back is pushed in. Interestingly, the backmark is a rope in a depressed channel. 15mm $20.00
uc084 NA112 Navy ".Scovill Mf'g. Co/Waterbury." Rmdc 23mm $40.00
uc085 NA112 Sold   This is an awesome example of an excavated Civil War navy button. As pretty as one can find and with a rare and premium backmark of "TWW/Paris" (maker of both US and CS buttons). 23mm $135.00
uc086 NA101A1 Navy "Scovills & Co/Waterbury" rmdc 23mm $65.00
uc087 NA106A3 NEW   Navy "R&W. Robinson" with Eagle. 22mm $75.00
uc088 NA106Av Sold Low convex Navy cuff ".Robinsons./Extra" Mint! 15mm $35.00
uc089 NA112 Navy; Scarce mark and odd die design. "R&W Robinson /Extra Rich" 23mm $75.00
uc090 NA113 Sold Navy. "*Extra*/Quality" 23mm $40.00
uc091 GS5A2 NEW   Early US Staff Officer's button, "Young. Smith & Co/ New York." 23mm $125.00
uc092 GS21A Sold   Scarce Mexican War US Staff Officer's button; dug; gilted and nice, "JML & WH Scovill/Waterbury/Extra Superfine" Somebody with previous service, likely brought this off to war with them. 23mm $100.00
uc093 GS13Aunl NEW   Super dug Officer's button! Nice early backmark: "*W.H. Horstmann & Sons*/Philad" Great gilt and super slick patina. This one has "the look!" 23mm $100.00
uc094 GS13unl NEW   Dug Officer's button. This one is a bit battle weary, with dent and missing shank; however it was there and shows nice gilt highlighting. "& Steele. &/ Johnson." 23mm $30.00
uc098 GS13Av NEW   Outstanding condition! Dug Union Officer's button cuff/vest size, "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $45.00
uc099 GS13v NEW   Dug cuff Officer's button. A fine example that is nicely gilted, "*Extra*/Quality" 15mm $25.00
uc100 GS13v NEW   Dug cuff Officer's button. A dark patina, "*Superior*/Quality" 15mm $18.00
uc101 GS10A1 REDUCED General Staff "*Horstmann Bro & Co*/Phila" rmdc. Silver plated! 23mm



uc102 GS8A "**R&W. Robinson**/Makers/*Attleborough*/Mass." 23mm $55.00
uc0103 GS17A NEW   General Staff Officer's button. "Horstmann & Co./N.Y.& Phi." 23mm $55.00
uc104 GSunl "(rose)Extra(rose)/Quality" 23mm $35.00
uc105 UU140 NEW Ultra rare! "Horstmann Bro & Allien/N Y" rmdc 23mm $350.00
uc112 MC10 Marine "*Extra Quality*" in ribbon. Slight dent. (note: The pictured example has sold, but do have an undented example with Scovill backmark available for $150). 23mm $85.00
uc115 MC10A Sold   Civil War Marine Corps button. Shank missing. Nice gilt. 23mm $75.00
  --- Sold   Federal Poncho hook. Dug. The hook has rusted away leaving an opening into the cavity of the button.; however, it retains excellent gilt and is a scarce and readily affordable item of extra interest. 21mm $25.00
  SU7unl Sold   West Point, U.S.M.A., beautiful early example: ".Scovills & Co./Waterbury" rmdc. 21mm $200.00
  GI85 Sold   Civil War Infantry. "*Extra*/Quality" 21mm $25.00
  GI85 Sold   Union Infantry button.. Nice touches of gilt. "*Extra*/Quality" 21mm $30.00$25.00
  GI94 Sold   Gilted Union eagle button; coat size. Dug. "Waterbury Button Co/Extra" 21mm $30.00
  GI94 Sold   US Officers gold plated eagle kepi button. Tinned-iron back with part of shank remaining. 15mm $20.00
  GI85 Sold   Silver Plated Eagle "I" with hard to find and desirable backmark of "Horstmann Sons & Drucker. NY" rmdc. 20mm $100.00
  CVunl Sold   Cavalry button. Dug; super slick, very even patina! Scarce with "Horstmann & Allien/.NY." w/rays for a backmark.! Overcoat size. 23mm $100.00
  CV1 Sold   Cavalry button. Dug with gilt in highlights, and nice backmark of "Horstmann's/N.Y. & Phi" 21mm $80.00
  DR3 Sold   Low convex Eagle "D" found Fredericksburg, Va. Perfect face with smooth patina, little dent on back, not distracting. 19mm $100.00
  AY79 Sold   Artillery Officer's Overcoat button. Dug with lots of gilt�a little more cleaning would make this dynamite! "Waterbury Button Co/Waterbury/Conn" 23mm $85.00
  AY79 Sold   Artillery Officer's Overcoat button. Dug; traces of gilt. Good, scarce backmark: "Smith Young & Co/N York" rmdc. 23mm $35.00
  --- Sold   Super-nice "poncho hook" or "tent button" with iron hook complete and well defined. They are seldom found in this kind of condition! 21mm $90.00
  RF15v Sold   Cuff Eagle "R" dented, "Scovills & Co/Extra" Found Trans-Mississippi. 15mm $30.00
  NA112 Sold   Excavated Civil War Navy button, "D. Evans & Co./ *Attleboro * Mass*" 23mm $40.00
  UU78 Sold   "NG" on breast of eagle. 1850's "*Waterbury Button. Co.*/Extra." (in small letters around outside edge of button back). Condition is excellent. 23mm $100.00
  MC10A Sold   Civil War, U.S. Marine Corps, "*Scovill, Mf'g, Co.*/Waterbury" Mint! 23mm $155.00
  MC10 Sold   U.S. Marine Corps, "Extra. Quality" (in ribbon) 23mm $100.00
  OD23 Sold   U.S. Official with beautiful applied device. "G&Cie/Paris/20/(coat of arms) 21mm $275.00$250.00
  VG2Av Sold   Voltigeurs cuff button, excavated with some damage (crack along eagles left leg and some rim loss, glued for strength and firmly stabilized). A scarce button. "Scovills & Co ***" rmdc. 15mm $100.00
  VG2 Sold   Voltigeurs coat button. Dug and dented, with wonderful, smooth patina. This button looks great despite the broad dent. "Scovills & Co/Waterbury" rmdc. 20mm $200.00
  AY71A1 Sold   Low convex Artillery "Scovills/Waterbury" rmdc. Highly gilted. 21mm $55.00
  RF18unl Sold   Dug 1830's-1840's Riflemen's button. "***Orange***/Gilt" n/shank 20mm $75.00
  EG6 Sold   Civil War Engineers button; pushed ".Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." 23mm $125.00
  GI82C Sold   1840's, Mexican War Era, US regulation Infantry button. Silver plated, no shank; backmark of "Young Smith & Co/New York" 20mm $30.00
  GI94 Sold   Amazing dug eagle button! Covered in gold gilt and bears a raised-mark, depressed channel backmark of "Steele/*Johnson*" Wow�and much rarer than a gilted letter button. No room for upgrade on this one. 21mm $75.00
  GI82A Sold   Infantry; low convex, 2-piece. "Scovills/Waterbury" Silvered example. 21mm $45.00
  CV1 Sold   Cavalry Officer's button. Dug with gilt. "Scovill Mf'g Co,/Waterbury." Overcoat size! 23mm $100.00
  DR3 Sold   Dragoon button. Dug on private property at Battle of First Manassas. The shank has been strengthened or restored. "Scovills & Co/Superfine" 20mm $75.00
  DR3v Sold   Early Dragoons button with wonderful early mark of "*Scovills*/Waterbury" (flat, heavy back, with radial lines). Sharp strike, no shank 15mm $35.00
  DR3 Sold   Dragoon button. Dug with gilt�(that which shows as dirt in the picture is uncleaned gilt) "Scovills & Co/Superfine" 20mm $125.00
  EG6v Sold   Dug Civil War Engineers cuff. "Scovills & Co/ Extra" no shank; Scarce in excavated condition. Found years back on Hilton Head Island, SC. 15mm $120.00
  RFunl Sold   Here is a choice Riflemen's button. Unsual die design and overcoat size. "W. H. Smith & Co/ New York" Gilt in the right places. 23mm $135.00
  RF15v Sold   Cuff Eagle "R" This is a nice example marked, "Scovills &Co/Extra" 15mm $55.00
  RF15v Sold   Dug, cuff Riflemen's button, somewhat grainy, with raised mark depressed channel backmark of ".Horstmann & Sons./Phi" rmdc. 15mm $30.00
  OC3Bv Sold   Nice, dug Ordnance Corps, 3-piece "Scovills /Waterbury" 15mm $85.00$75.00
  OC5 Sold   Ordnance Corps with wonderful, natural patina and early backmark, "*R & W. Robinson*/Extra Rich" 23mm $225.00
  MC7 Sold   Early U.S. Marine Corps button with wonderful early mark of ".Scovills./Waterbury" (flat-back, with radial lines) 20mm $185.00
  MC10 Sold   Dug Civil War Marine Button, "Freeman &Co/Attleborough" Nice gilt. Dug in Southern Maryland. 23mm $175.00
  MC10A Sold   U.S. Marine Corps, "*Scovill, Mf'g, Co.*/Waterbury" 23mm Sold
  MC10 Sold   Dug Civil War Marine Button, "Scovill, Mf"g, &Co./Waterbury." Nice smooth patina, with gentle push. 23mm $125.00
  GI79unl Sold   One-piece eagle "I" button. Dug with blank back and perfect shank. 20mm $35.00
  GI82 Sold   Dug Mexican War Era, US regulation Infantry button. This one is loaded with silver (90 percent plus). If you wanted to clean this some, it would be brilliant. 20mm $75.00
  GI85 Sold   Union Infantry button. Great dug example with a wonderful backmark of "Young Smith & Co/N.Y." rmdc. Super example. 20mm $55.00
  GI83v Sold   Infantry; low convex, 2-piece. "*G.Floyd*/Extra" Backmark is extra rare. This example was dug from a Mexican War site. It has a nice, smooth patina and is highlighted with silver. Missing shank. Nice and very unusual. Odd die design. 15mm $45.00$35.00
  GI94 Sold   Civil War Enlisted "eagle" button, dug with gilt! 20mm $30.00
  GI95A1 Sold   Very rare, dug Berdan Sharpshooter's button found Petersburg, VA. Patina of the shank remnants bear clear testimony to its excavated condition. 20mm $375.00
  CV1 Sold   Nice dug Civil War Cavalry overcoat size: "*Extra*/Quality" 22mm SOLD
  CV1 Sold   Civil War Cavalry overcoat size with rare backmark: "*A.C. Marien & Co.*/Philadelphia" 23mm $125.00$100.00
  CV1v Sold   Civil War Cavalry cuff size with rare backmark: "A.C.M. & Co./Phil'a" 15mm $55.00
  CV1v Sold   Dug Civil War Cavalry cuff size button with brass wire fastener, as found in Warrenton, VA. "Scovill Mf'g Co ***" 15mm $35.00
  CV1v Sold   Dug Civil War Cavalry cuff size with some gilt and partial shank. 15mm SOLD
  DR4Av Sold   Dragoon cuff size. Dug with pleasing highlighting. "Scovills & Co/Extra" 15mm $75.00
  DR3A2 Sold   Dragoons with exceptionally rare "George Floyd/Philadelphia" backmark. Floyd only worked for 2 years. 20mm SOLD
  DR3Unl Sold   Low convex Dragoons with face design of DR2B, "Superior/Quality" 20mm SOLD
  AY78v Sold   Artillery, Civil War, cuff: "*M.W.P.*/Boston" Rare! 15mm $45.00
  AY78 Sold   Artillery ".W.H.Horstmann & Sons /Phi" rmdc heavily gilted! 21mm $55.00
  AY79 Sold   Early overcoat size Eagle"A" with rare backmark: "-Horstmann Sons & Druker-/New-York" Firm dates 1845-49. Wonderful gilted example. 23mm $75.00
  AY79 Sold   Early overcoat size Artillery. "*D. Evans & Co.*/Attleboro" 23mm $50.00
  EG6Dv Sold   Engineers cuff "Robinsons/Extra" Mint! 15mm $125.00
  EG6C Sold   Engineers "(shield) Scovill Mf'g. Co, (shield)/Waterbury" Scarce. 23mm $225.00
  EG6C Sold   Civil War Engineers button; pushed ".Scovill Mf'g. Co.,/Waterbury." 23mm SOLD
  RF19 Sold   Dug eagle "R". Smooth patina. Small ding center right. 21mm SOLD
  OC3B Sold   Dug 3-piece Ordnance Corps; found Charleston, South Carolina "Scovills /Waterbury" 22mm SOLD
  FD1A Sold   Extrememly rare 1-piece Revenue Cutter Service. ".U. States/Revenue Service" 23mm SOLD
  FD1 Sold   Beautiful, dug Revenue Cutter Service. 1-piece. 23mm SOLD
  FD6A Sold   Revenue Cutter Service. ".Scovills & Co./Waterbury" rmdc. Nice! 23mm $200.00
  NA113As Sold   Medium Size Navy, dug, "Horstman. Bros.. & .Allien." Dug, dented, and w/ attractive gilt highlighting. 19mm $30.00
  NA106unl Sold   Navy unlisted design and odd size. ".Young. Smith & Co./New York" rmdc 17mm $55.00
  GS5 Sold   General Staff Officer's button. ".Young.Smith & Co./New York." 22mm $75.00
  GS13E Sold   Federal Officer's button with sarce backmark: "*Evans & Hassall*/Phila" Great condition! 23mm $55.00
  SU6Bv Sold   Civil War period West Point cuff; dug with near full gilt. "Scovill/Mfg Co" 15mm $75.00


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