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United States Infantry Buttons


 Special Note: All early pewter buttons are assumed to be dug unless otherwise described. All other buttons are non-dug and in good condition with original shanks unless otherwise noted.

PhotoItem #Albert's CodeDescriptionSizePrice
ri004 --- Sold   Royal Entranger, SCARCE. (A unit of French Royalists serving against the Revolutionaries). The British sent them to the Caribbean. Early 1790's. 24mm




ri007 Unl Sold   Fantastic button with exceptionally hard to find backmark of "*Ledsam & Sons*/London" This is a rare button. 14mm $150.00
ri011 GI51I Sold   War of 1812 Infantry Officer's; dug example of above; much smoother look than the magnification of picture suggests; no shank. Satisfaction guaranteed. "Warranted/Superfine" 24mm


ri020 GI28R5v Sold   Fifth Regiment of Infantry cuff, 1798-1802. Planchet is wavy, original shank, no edge loss. 15mm $50.00
ri021 GI28Av Sold   Infantry Regimental; 1798-1802 Period. Wonderful, unflaked rim and original shank. Regimental number is either a 3,5, or 8. The numeral is not clear. The balance of the button is great. 15mm



ri022 GI28Av Sold  Infantry Regimental; 1798-1802 Period. Second Regiment, US Regulars. Minimal edge loss. Nice bold look with original shank. This example from my personal collection. 15mm $150.00
ri023 GI28R2 Sold   Second U.S. Regiment. Blank; restored shank. 20mm $125.00
ri025 GI30Av Sold Army, General Service; 1808-1830. Sharp button with great detail, no edge loss what-so-ever; shank restored. Found Sackett's Harbor, NY 14mm $35.00
ri027 GI30Av Sold Army General Service; 1808-1830. Found South Georgia/North Florida border. Rough. 15mm $10.00
ri028 GI30v Sold Army General Service; 1808-1830. Small size, good solid specimen. 15mm $45.00
ri030 GI34R12 Sold   As Above, just not as clear. Found Sackett's Harbor, NY. 20mm $80.00
ri031 GI34R13 Sold   Thirteenth Regiment, 1812-1815. Found in US positions of War of 1812 battle. More history available. Great condition with no edge loss and original shank. Shows a couple old scratches. 21mm $175.00
ri032 GI36D REDUCED Scarce plain oval pattern. Fantastic condition! Not clear whether a water find or Nondug. It is totally without any flaking! Perfect example for the most discerning and condition conscious collector. 20mm $150.00 Now...$125
ri033 GI36D2 Sold   1812-1815, Foliated "I" Infantry button. Scarcer variant without star in oval beneath. Light bend, absolutely no edging, shank is missing. Solid example. 20mm $45.00
ri034 GI36unl NEW   Choice Foliated "I" button. This one is from my own collection and is absolutely perfect. I consider it to be Non-dug. 20mm $150.00
ri035 GI36v NEW   Foliated Infantry cuff; 1812-1815, 1-piece, pewter, solid, very nice. 15mm $55.00
ri049 GI45Av Army; 1-piece pewter. Eagle with "US' in an oval below. Shows usage, but solid. Shank is professionally restored. 16mm $50.00
ri051 GI47A1v US Infantry; 1811. Perfect condition with original shank! Wow for condition! 14mm $75.00
ri052 GI47Av Army; 1-piece cast pewter. 1811. Shows wear. Original shank remains. 14mm $50.00
ri053 GI51i Sold   Beautiful, Infantry Officer's, War of 1812, button. Silver plated, "Warranted/Superfine" 24mm $525.00
ri054 GI51F War of 1812 Officer's button.. blank. Silver plated. 23mm $150.00
ri057 GI51F Infantry Officer's; 1-piece. American made and marked "Armitage/Phila" over "ghost mark". 21mm $200.00
ri058 GI51G NEW   War of 1812 Infantry Officer's. Sheffield plated, dug in Virginia. "Armitage/Phila" 22mm $225.00
ri059 GI51J Sold   War of 1812 Infantry Officer's; Sheffield plated. 23mm $525.00
ri060 GI53R2A Sold   2nd Regiment Officer's, War of 1812 button. No shank. 23mm $275.00
ri062 Unl. REDUCED   Cockade button? 1-piece pewter. "US" above displayed eagle above panoply of flags and banner. 13mm




ri064 Unl. REDUCED   Jacksonian Eagle. Brass. Dug and very smooth, rich patina. 14mm



ri067 GI56 NEW   Militia. Silver plated. "Lewis & Tomes./ Extra Plated" 21mm $150.00
ri068 GI53R1A Regimental War of 1812 Officer's button; 1st Regiment. "H. Wishart/N.York" Shank professionally restored. 24mm



ri069 GI59A Militia; 1-piece. ".Imperial./Standard" 22mm $60.00
ri072 GI58 REDUCED   Scarce! Nondug 1-piece pewter coat (20)mm. "*G.Smiths*/Manufacture." See reference in McGuinn's Backmark Book. Non-dug. 20mm



ri073 GI58 Sold 1-piece pewter cuff (15mm). 15mm $75.00
ri075 GI53REp Sold   9th Regiment; War of 1812. Rare Nondug example! 20mm $385.00
ri076 GI59 Militia; 1-piece; ".Superior Strong./Plated" Heavily silver plated. 22mm $65.00
ri079 GI59 NEW   Dug; nice; "*Warranted*/ Silver'd Surface" 22mm $75.00
ri083 GI61A REDUCED   Militia; 1-piece. "*Imperial*/Standard" rmdc. Silver plated. 23mm $70.00 Now...$65
ri087 GI61unl REDUCED   Militia; 1-piece. ".Rich Quality./London" 23mm $70.00 Now...$65
ri090 GI65B Militia; as listed. Bright gilt. Rare variant. 20mm $175.00
ri092 GI66 Sale Pending Militia. Rare "***Treble***/Gilt" (stamped over top of "*Treble*Gilt*/Tops") 21mm $200.00
ri097 GI67A Militia; 1-piece convex. ".Best Quality./London." 20mm $65.00
ri099 GI68B Sale Pending Militia, Rare variation and hard to find example. "Best/Quality" 20mm $200.00
ri101 GI70A US Army Great Coat button; 1820. Copper and this one has a partially discernable early Scovill backmark! No listed example. See the introductory note in Albert's about this button. 21mm $55.00
ri103 GI70B REDUCED   US Army Greatcoat button; 1-piece construction. Uneven surface, but has backmark of "*.*.*United*.*.*/States" The shank has been professionally restored. 20mm



ri104 GI71Av NEW   Greatcoat small size. Nondug! Unlisted example...this is Albert's "A" face die with arrows pointing in between the letters "U" and "S" on the face design, but has the backmark of Alberts "B" design. An interesting button and noteworthy example 15mm $75.00
ri105 GI71A REDUCED   Great coat; 2-piece. Backmark reads: "***United***/States" 20mm $95.00 Now...$85
ri106 GI74 Rare pewter 1-piece eagle "I" Non-dug! These are rarely encountered as unexcavated examples. 19mm $150.00
ri107 PC9 "United We Stand" encircles a Federal Eagle. Backmark is a series of radial lines emanating from the shank outwards in sunray fashion 12mm $55.00
ri109 Unl. Militia. Two-piece, tib. 13mm $65.00
ri110 UU130 Sold   I have finally found another example to offer of this rare and popular early militia infantry button! Backmarked "Robinson, Jones, & Co/A" with ghost mark visible beneath. Shows gentle wear and genuine use. A nice addition to anyone's collection! 20mm $325.00
  LC1v Sold   Revolutionary War Tory (Loyalists!) button. Royal Provincials. Edge loss w/clear definition to device. 15mm $65.00$50.00
  --- Sold   American Revolution; French Regimental of the 68th Regt.; Found near Yorktown, VA. Excellent condition. 17mm $175.00
  GI51I Sold   War of 1812 Infantry Officer's. Click on the thumbnail for a real treat!~ 24mm $675.00
  GIunl Sold   Pewter Gator Button. Half round. Cast; from 1812 site along Georgia/North Florida Border. 12mm $15.00
  GI25 Sold   Wayne's Legion; 1792-1798. Very light edging. Original shank and solid. Recovered near Ft. Wilkinson, Milledgeville, Ga 21mm $125.00
  GI30 Sold   War of 1812 Enlistmen's button. Found Sackett's Harbor, NY. Solid, no edge flaking but undulates some...looks like teeth marks at top of button. no shank. 20mm $35.00
  GI38A1 Sold   Infantry; 1-piece pewter in excellent shape, though flattened out some. Solid with no flaking, no shank. Strong and crisp device and backmark of "*Crumpton* Phila" 20mm $75.00
  GI34R8 Sold   Infantry, 8th Regiment, 1812. It doesn't get any nicer than this for condition of this rare button. Finds location from 1812 engagement available. 20mm $225.00
  GI43A2 Sold   Infantry; Convex 1-piece. Old water find from Sackett's Harbor, NY. Blank back retains original shank. 23mm $75.00
  GI43A2 Sold   Infantry. 1812-1815 Blank. 19mm $150.00
  GI51Fv Sold   Infantry Officer's; 1-piece. American made and marked "***Armitage***Phila." Found Fort Brooke, Florida. Nice smooth patina, no shank. 15mm $75.00
  GI67 Sold   Heavily silver plated. "-Best Quality/ London*" 20mm $65.00
  GI58Av Sold   "Hard white" Militia; Pewter; 1-piece with brass shank. Blank back. Shows real usage. 12mm $75.00
  GI59Av Sold   Very rare size; Dug with lots of silver plating! Shank missing "*Best Strong Plate" 15mm $75.00
  GI65A Sold   Convex Militia; cupped construction; blank: "(4 stars)" 22mm $100.00
  GI65B Sold   Militia; 1-piece convex. Back is marked with a circle of stars within a circle of alternating stars and dots. This is a rare design and very hard to find. 20mm $175.00
  GS61Av Sold   Militia, silver plated cuff. This button is rarely encountered in this size. "Treble Plated (wreath)" 15mm $105.00
  GI67A Sold   Militia "Best Quality/ London" 20mm $60.00
  GI67A Sold   Militia; 1-piece convex. "Best Plated./London." Silver plated. 20mm $65.00
  GI68A Sold   Militia; 1-piece convex. American made and marked. ".Armitage./ Philv" 20mm $100.00
  PA4A Sold   Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania, 4th Battalion. This is the scarce larger size of this great American button, and is from the William Guthman collection (He was a preeminent collector of Early Militaria and before his death was the Early American appraiser for the Road Show...Google his name...I bought this button at the auction and dispersal of his collection). Retains its original shank and is much more eye appealing in person than the magnified image suggests. Satisfaction ensured. 23mm $2000.00
  --- Sold   King's Eight of Foot. Revolutionary War. Excellent condition; No edge flaking. This button is much Clearer and Sharper than picture allows. It is a super example and from my personal collection (dug on US soil). 24mm $750.00
  --- Sold   Awesome Colonial button. Large in size and silver plated! Made for the civilian market, but this is the sort that Colonial Officers would have worn, as many did not have access to military marked buttons. 24mm $55.00
  GI25 Sold   Wayne's Legion. 1792-98 Period; This is an early US Army button from the time period that George Washington was President of the United States and "Mad" Anthony Wayne was head of the Army. Found at early fort site in Georgia. Solid with original shank. 22mm $100.00
  GI34R12 Sold   Rare Regimentally marked pattern; 1812-1815. Twelfth sure to click on thumbnail to see this one! Nice, solid example. No shank. Solid edges. There is one little dimple on the foliate of the "I." 20mm $125.00
  GI61 Sold   "*Treble.Gilt*/Standd.. Colour" Excellent! 23mm $65.00
  GI57A Sold   Scarce Militia pattern with solid border. "Treble Gilt (OE)/London" no shank. 22mm $110.00
  GI53R11Dp Sold   War of 1812. 11th Regiment, pewter, some minor edge chipping, but overall the button is nice in person. The 11 actually shows up when holding the button. 20mm $125.00
  UU135 Sold   Fantastic silver plated ball button w/ Federal design. 20mm $200.00
  GI70Bv Sold   Here is the small size to match above. Also from Seminole Indian War site in Florida. Sharp and crisp...front and back! 15mm $55.00
  GI67A Sold   Militia ".Best/Quality." 20mm $60.00
  GI41B Sold   U.S. Infantry; 1812-1815. 1-piece pewter. Dug, very fine condition, no shank, no edge loss! 22mm $100.00
  GI53R4p Sold   4th Regiment; War of 1812. Some edge chipping. Nice clear backmark and bold numeral "4" 20mm $100.00
  GI79unl Sold   Very unusual 1-pc. Infantry. Nothing like it listed.
"(21 quadrifoils between rings)" as a backmark. If you don't think it is neat, I'll pay postage both ways.
20mm $75.00
  GI70B Sold   US Army Greatcoat button; Seminole Indian Wars recovered (from Florida site)! Super slick patina... nice, choice example! Has the great backmark of "*.*.*United*.*.*/States" 20mm $75.00
  GI43A1 Sold      Infantry. 1812-1815 "***Richards (eagle)/Giles" 19mm $150.00$125.00
  --- Sold   Revolutionary War Naval Lieutenants Button; British. Nice example shows some edge flaking, but nice condition with original shank! 22mm $125.00
  GI11R7v Sold   Continental Army; Extra nice condition from my personal collection. 18mm SOLD
  LC? Sold   Third American; Loyalist. No shank. Nice pewter. Found Charleston, S.C. 23mm SOLD
  --- Sold   (Offered as pair with button below)British 5th Regt of Foot. Excellent pewter--no edge loss! Shank gone. 22mm SOLD(pair)
  --- Sold   (Offered as pair with button above)British 5th Regt of Foot cuff. Solid and excellent condition; shank has rusted away. 16mm SOLD(pair)
  --- Sold   49th Regiment of Foot. No shank; No edge loss. 21mm SOLD
  GI36A3 Sold   Foliated Script "I". With good pewter and original shank. Found in Santee, S.C. 20mm $45.00
  GI25 Sold   Wayne's Legion; 1792-1798. Solid. 24mm SOLD
  GI25Dv Sold   Wayne's Legion; 1792-1798. No shank. Solid. 13mm $65.00
  GI25Dv Sold   Wayne's Legion; 1792-1798. No shank. Solid. 13mm $75.00
  GI30 Sold   Army; General Service; 1808-1830. no shank. Solid. 22mm Sold
  GI30 Sold   Tall, skinny letter pattern of War of 1812 Enlistedmen's button. No edge flaking, great look, no shank, and near perfect example! 20mm $45.00
  GI34R9 Sold   Infantry, 9th Regiment. No shank, edging. 20mm $85.00
  GI34R11 Sold   Infantry, 11th Regiment. No shank, pitting. 20mm $100.00
  GI34R13 Sold   Infantry, 13th Regiment. No shank, pitting. 20mm $100.00
  GI36A3 Sold   Beautiful Foliated Script "I". Water find or Nondug? This one solid as a rock and an unusually fine specimen. No edge loss or flaking whatever--Best of conditions! 20mm SOLD
  GI36C Sold   Foliated Script "I". Pewter. Re-shanked. Good solid edges. 20mm $35.00
  GI41B Sold   U.S. Infantry; 1812-1815. 1-piece pewter, blank, no shank. 22mm $85.00
  GI45Av Sold   Infantry. War of 1812 Solid edges. No shank. Nice. 16mm $45.00
  GI45Av Sold   As above. Condition not quite as nice. 16mm $40.00
  GI46Av Sold   Infantry. War of 1812 Some edging. No shank. 16mm $35.00
  GI47Av Sold   Infantry. War of 1812. Solid example. 16mm $35.00
  GI47Av Sold   Infantry. War of 1812. Pewter eagle(1811). Solid example. 16mm $45.00
  GI51G Sold   1812 Officers; Excellent dug condition. Found Charleston, SC. Heavily Silver Plated! 23mm $250.00
  GI67A Sold   Militia. Beautiful plated example. 20mm $65.00
  GI70B Sold   1-piece. "***United***/States" dug. 20mm SOLD
  GI70B Sold   Great coat; 1-piece. "***United***/States" 20mm Sold
  GI70Bv Sold   Great coat; small 1-piece. "***United***/States" 15mm $50.00
  GI71Av Sold   Great coat; small, low-convex 2-piece. "*United States" rmdc 15mm SOLD
  GI79unlv Sold   Very unusual 1-piece eagle "I" with a great backmark: "*Leavenworth & Co*/Extra"** 13mm $100.00
  UU130 Sold   Great and rare early 1-piece coat; blank (concentric rings) 21mm $350.00


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