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Confederate States Central Government Buttons


PhotoItem #Albert's CodeDescriptionSizePrice
cc000 TX29A Sold   Southern Confederacy! When last I saw one of these available, it had rim problems and a price of $12,775. This one is priced attractively and is a good example of this great rarity. Be sure to click on the image for enlarged photo. There is a light push at center face. This is one of the great "King pens" in Confederate button collecting and an opportunity to add this rare button to your collection at a great price point. 24mm Sold
cc001 CS1A1 NEW   Confederate General Officers button with scarce and desirable backmark of "Courtney & Tennant.+." a Charleston, SC, importer of military goods for the Confederacy. 26mm $2250.00
cc004 CS1A4 Sold   Confederate General Officer's button, ".S. Isaacs Campbell & Co./London/St. James St." 26mm $2000.00
cc005 CS4 NEW   Confederate Army Officer's. Great look on this one! "*H T & B*/ Manchester" 24mm $2500.00
cc006 CS5A5 Sold   ".Extra Rich./Treble Gilt" 19mm $185.00
cc007 CS7 Sold   Officer's, dug, manufacturing flaw on edge (not damaged), nice gilt! "W. Dowler/Superior Quality" 23mm $875.00
cc009 CS5A3 "Extra Rich/Treble Gilt" 24mm $225.00
cc011 CS20 REDUCED  Scarce, Overcoat size Confederate Officers button. Blank; a Confederate local. A nice smooth, dug example with gilt highlights. 25mm




cc015 CS21unl Sold   Dug, Local Confederate Staff Officer's button. Original iron shank is still present and strong! 22mm $275.00 Now...$250
cc016 CS22A Sold   Nicely mellowed, local Confederate Staff Officer's button. Sweet! 22mm $2200.00
cc017 CS26B C.S. Staff Officers button. Dug with gilt. There is one small pinhole repair to back. 21mm $350.00
cc019 CS26B NEW   Dug, Local Confederate Staff Officer's button. Super smooth patina. Iron shank has rusted away. Traces of gilt highlighting are present front and back. 21mm $250.00
cc020 CS26B NEW   Non-dug! Local, Confederate Staff Officer's button. Wonderful gilt remains. This nice button is from an "old-time" New Orleans collection. 21mm $1850.00
cc021 CS27 Dug, Confederate Staff Officer's button. Local make; Original shank is still present (This style is often missing their shanks). This button comes only in this "shell jacket" size. 16mm $475.00
cc022 CS36A2 Sold   Rare "C & J W/Warranted" Confederate Officers button. This one is a beautiful example! 24mm $1450.00
cc023 CS36A1 Sold   Dug Imported Confederate Officers button. The back is pushed in and there is a rust spot along the top of the eagles neck. It is a good looking button with lots of eye appeal. 24mm $425.00
cc025 CS36A1 Sold   Confederate Army Officer's, "*H T & B*/ Manchester" This one has nice, gentle wear, testifying that it was there. 24mm



cc027 CS36Av "HT & B/Manchester" Kepi size and rare. 13mm $875.00
cc028 CS53A NEW   Confederate Navy button with tight backmark of "S. Issacs Campbell & Co/ London/71 Jermyn S." 23mm $1550.00
cc030 CS55Av Sold   Confederate States Navy in wonderful condition. "Courtney & Tennent" 16mm $525.00
cc034 CS81A1 Sale Pending   Great, mellow "C.S.A." button. This one made it into service. 23mm $275.00
cc035 CS81B NEW   Unusual variant with "S. Buckley & Co/Birmingham" This preferred backmark normally appears on the CS81A die. 23mm



cc036 CS81B "Superior Quality" Scarcer die pattern than 81A. 23mm $225.00
cc038 CS81Bv Scarce kepi "CSA" button. "Treble Rich/Standard" Mint! 13mm $675.00
cc039 CS86A Sold   Excavated, cast Local "CSA" button. 22mm $350.00
cc040 CS86A Sold   Solid Cast C.S.A. button; blank. 22mm $675.00
cc042 CS101A NEW   Confederate Artillery button, "HT & B/Manchester" 23mm Superb condition! 25mm $475.00
cc043 CS101A NEW   Beautiful, dug "*H T & B*/Manchester" Artillery button. Nice brown patina and large, bold button. 25mm $425.00
cc046 CS102 Sold   Dug Lined "A" button, gilted! Wow´┐Ż This rare and unusual button with officer's finish was found in Varina, Virginia, near Fort Harrison. "Superior Quality." 23mm $450.00
cc047 CS103A REDUCED   P. Tait style lined Roman "A." Excellent, uncleaned patina. "P. Tait & Co/Limerick" 20mm




cc048 CS107A1 REDUCED   Script "A" button, "S. Issacs Campbell & Co/ London/71 Jermyn S." This one shows real use and was there! 23mm



cc049 CS107A1 Sold   Script "A" button, blank, dented. Nondug, evenly toned, and used example of this scarce button. 23mm $475.00
cc050 CS116B NEW   Brass-back, Block "A" Local, Confederate Artillery button. Very nice dug condition. 23mm $225.00
cc051 CS117A REDUCED   Local, Copper-faced, Block "A" with deep red patina! Very nice condition. 23mm



cc053 CS117A NEW   Local Block "A." Very nice, dug condition, with excellent and strong tinned- iron back. Found near Winchester, Va. 23mm $175.00
cc054 CS117A Block "A" Local tinned iron back; copper face. 23mm $750.00
cc055 CSA241A1 Sold   Super "High Domed" Block "A" button. This is a rare button and is an especially nice example. Made by C. Rouyer in New Orleans. 21mm $1275.00
cc058 CS126A NEW   Stippled "C" "HT&B/Manchester" 25mm $725.00
cc059 CS126A Stippled "C" "HT&B/Manchester" 25mm $725.00
cc060 CS126A Sold   Confederate Cavalry button, "HT & B/Manchester" Very nice patina and a strong dug example. It has a nearly invisible push at the center. 25mm $600.00
cc062 CS127Av Sold   Rare cuff Confederate Cavalry, lined "C" button. "SKW(in the wings of a butterfly)/Extra Rich" Great button. 16mm $785.00
cc063 CS127A1 REDUCED   Lined "C" Blank. 23mm




cc064 CS127 REDUCED   Face of Lined "C" button. Very nice and found Richmond, VA 23mm



cc065 CS130A1 Sold   Nondug Script "C" that was there, Deep patina, blank back . Attractively priced. 23mm $1250.00
cc066 CS130 REDUCED   Script "C" This Confederate Cavalry button ran the blockade and survives in especially fine condition. "S. Isaacs Campbell & Co./.London./71. Jermyn. St." 23mm




cc067 CS151A NEW   Confederate Engineers button. German Text "E". "Van Wart & Son" 26mm $575.00
cc068 CS153A NEW   Engineer's button, "*H T & B*/Manchester" 25mm $1100.00
cc070 CS153Av Sold   Very rare, dug Engineer's cuff/vest/collar button, "*H T & B*/Manchester" Fantastic dug condition. Gilt highlighting and an excellent smooth patina. 14mm $1550.00
cc071 CS154 Sold   Rare "W. Dowler" Script "E" button. It was a long time before I was ever able to locate one of these rare Confederate Engineers buttons to add to my personal collection. This one is a super example and I considered upgrading mine with it, but finally decided that they are a toss up and elected to stay with an old friend! It is that nice! 23mm $2850.00
cc072 CS171A REDUCED  Stippled "I" with backmark of "*H T & B*/Manchester" 25mm



cc074 CS171A Sold   Stippled "I," dug "*H T & B*/Manchester" 25mm $225.00
cc076 CS172A1 NEW   Confederate Lined "I" coat "Superior Quality*". 23mm $285.00
cc079 CS175A2 Manuscript "I" "Halfmann & Taylor/Montgomery" 23mm $325.00
cc080 CSunl REDUCED   Confederate enlistedmen's button, copied from the federal eagle. Unknown to Albert, but recorded in Tice's (CSG218A1). This cast, convex button was manufactured (not field cast)for the Confederate General Service. It was found at Port Hudson, LA. 21mm



cc081 CS175A REDUCED   P. Tait style manuscript "I" button. Blank back with scarce "Tait" style shank. 23mm $275.00 Now...$250.00
cc082 CS177AV Sold   Kepi size Script I with rare backmark variation. One of only three times that I have seen this rare variation. ".Extra./Superior" It is the plate specimen recorded in Tice's book. A special button and from my personal collection. 13mm $675.00
cc083 CS177A1 Sold   Script "I" button, dug, blank back. Flattened and small piece absent at cross member of "I" 22mm $105.00
cc084 CS177A Script "I" "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jermyn St" 23mm $275.00
cc085 CS181A Sold   Dug Block I, "E. M. L & Co/Richmond. Va" rmdc. Cracked, small hole on "I"and rim loss. 23mm $75.00
cc086 CS181A NEW   Classic Confederate Infantry button with premium backmark of "E.M.L&C./Richmond. VA." rmdc. The sheet copper, from which back was made, shows a thin spot, small perforation at bottom of "C" in Richmond. Great, mellow patina. 23mm $795.00
cc089 CS177A2 REDUCED   Script "I" button, dug, blank back. 22mm




cc094 CS181A NEW   Block "I," Infantry. "E. M. L & C./Richmond. Va." rmdc. Perfect condition. 23mm $850.00
cc096 CS182A REDUCED  Block "I" local; tinned iron back. 22mm



cc100 CS183A Western Theater Block "I" button. Perfect dug condition! Click on the photo to see the definition of the back and shank! It doesn't get much nicer than this! 23mm $150.00
cc101 CS183C Sold   Scarce, Rouyer made block "I" button; dug with zinc back largely intact! When encountered, this scarce button is most often seen without the back, or in repaired condition. The light, zinc back doesn't often hold up in the ground. This one is very unusual in that it is not repaired and much of the back remains. There is a light dent to the face. 23mm $325.00
cc102 -- Sold   Extremely rare Confederte Infantry button. Unlisted in both Albert's and Tice's books. This crude example has a unique and characteristic domed construction and very soft die work. I have seen less than a half dozen of them--total universe(that includes dug and nondug)--through the years. 22mm $675.00
cc104 CS184A NEW   Cast "I" Nice, guaranteed non-dug and real. You don't see many of this grade. 23mm $600.00
cc107 CS185A REDUCED   Nice, dug Pewter "I" w/traces of gilding. The shank has been professionally replaced. No edge loss! 24mm



cc109 CS185A Sold   Dug, Pewter "I" found on private property at the Battle of the Wilderness. Some edge loss, no shank, quite displayable, purchased from the digger. 22mm $110.00
cc110 CS186 Sold   Block "I" with Stars. Nice non-dug example. 24mm $1150.00
cc112 CS188 REDUCED  Local Script "I" button. Rare. Dug with original shank intact. There is some pitting and glue along the edge to stabilize, but the button has never separated and is strong. 23mm




cc114 CS201A NEW   Confederate Riflemen button, "HT & B/Manchester" 23mm Superb condition! 25mm $750.00
cc115 CS202A Sold   Confederate Riflemen button, "W. Dowler/Superior Quality". Rare and in superb condition! 22mm $2450.00
cc116 CS202A Sold   Hard to find "W. Dowler" Confederate "R" button. Dug with ground action. Strong and fine example. 22mm $775.00
cc117 CS205 German Text "R" "Van Wart Son & Co" 23mm $450.00
cc119 CS205 NEW   German Text "R", Confederate Riflemen button, "Van Wart & Son" Great look. 22mm $475.00
cc121 CS226Bv NEW   United Confederate Veteran button, stars. 15mm $45.00
cc123 CS226B NEW   Confederate Veterans uniform button. A circle of stars for backmark. Nice mellow patina. 23mm $60.00
cc125 CS231Av Sold  Sons of United Confederate Veterans "Goodwins Pat July 27, 1875" 15mm $50.00
  CS5A4 Sold   Dug, imported Confederate Officer's button. Excellent, smooth patina. ".Extra Rich./Treble Gilt" 24mm $575.00
  CS52 Sold   CS Navy, coat size; "Firmin & Sons/153 Strand London/&13/Conduit St" Mint! 23mm $1450.00
  CS53Av Sold   Confederate Navy button, cuff/vest size. Rare in this small size with address of Isaacs Campbell spelled all the way out. 16mm $625.00
  CS81A Sold   Confederate Army, General Service. This one has the look! "S. Buckley & Co/Birmingham" 23mm $850.00
  CS86A Sold   Cast "C.S.A." button converted to a Sweetheart pin. The button is original and the conversion appears to be Victorian Era remembrance. Lovely original piece that would make a great tie clasp or lapel pin. 22mm $325.00
  CS102A2 Sold   Lined "A" button, excellent condition! "Superior Quality." 23mm $575.00
  CS126A Sold   "*H T & B*/Manchester" with a lot of character. This button went to war and has the dings and dents to prove it. No surplus item! 25mm $500.00
  CS127 Sold   Lined "C" button. Found at White Oak Swamp, more detailed finds location available to purchaser. 23mm $275.00
  CS153A Sold   Engineer's button, "*H T & B*/Manchester" Fantastic dug condition, with an excellent, smooth patina. 25mm $1550.00
  CS183A Sold   Western Theatre Block "I" button. Excavated example. The back has been nicely repaired. 23mm $50.00
  CSI244A12 Sold   Puff-rim "I' button, in copper. This nice Confederate Infantry button is rare in non-dug condition. 23mm $875.00
  CS41A Sold   Scarce, local Confederate Staff button known among relic hunter's as the "Christmas Staff"-- Droop wing eagle holds a wreath. Found between Charleston and Savannah, strong gilt and could be cleaned more; original shank complete and intact. 22mm $575.00
  CS81Bv Sold   C.S.A. kepi size, dug with super slick patina, no shank.. I have seen very, very few of these! ".Treble Rich./Standard" 13mm $550.00
  CS104Av Sold   Extremely rare cuff Chatwin "A" button. This super, rare button has a lined field and unlined letter "A" for Artillery. The backmark reads, ".London./Quality". 14mm $650.00
  CS128Av Sold   Cuff Chatwin "C" button. This rare button has a lined field and unlined letter "C" for Cavalry; rare in any size and extremely rare in this small size. 14mm $750.00
  CS177A1 Sold   Script "I" button, dug, "S. Isaacs Campbell & Co./.London./71. Jermyn. St." 23mm $175.00
  CS177A1 Sold   Rare variant of Script "I" button, Excellent dug condition and rare backmark of: ".Superior./Quality" 23mm $250.00
  CS184A Sold   Cast "I" button with nicest, dark patina one could imagine. Found at the Battle for Atlanta, GA. 23mm $175.00
  CS1A5 Sold   "Rivt'd & Solder'd/(lion, unicorn, & coat of arms)" This is the rarest backmark found on CS1's. Great button! 26mm $2,100.00$2,000.00
  CS4A Sold   Confederate General Officers, Rare. "*HT&B/Manchester" Choice example with patina providing excellent contrast to this nicely gilted button. 24mm $2600.00
  CS18A Sold   "CS" in the shield, 2-piece, Confederate General Officers, Rare. Local; blank. 23mm SOLD
  CS5unl Sold   Confederate Staff Officer coat. "Rivet'd & Solder'd" dm with lion and unicorn. Strong shank intact. Gilted button. Elegant and sharp. Scarce dug example. Found in Petersburg, Va. 24mm SOLD
  CS5unl Sold   "Rivt'd & Solder'd/(lion, unicorn,& coat of arms)" Quite rare. This mark was not documented by Albert and is seldom found on the coat size CS5's. 24mm $550.00
  CS5A3 Sold   "Extra Rich/Treble Gilt" Dented, no shank. 24mm SOLD
  CS7A Sold   W. Dowler/Superior Quality" 23mm $1,375.00
  CS17A Sold   Confederate Officers, 1-piece. Rare "CS" in the shield. Extra smooth patina and shows genuine wear. This one was there! 24mm $650.00$600.00
  CS23A Sold   Scarce Local Staff variant. Broad shallow push. 22mm SOLD
  CS26A Sold   Local Confederate Staff with nice, even, dark patina. Iron shank has rusted away. 21mm $175.00
  CS26B Sold   Non-dug local C.S. Officers button. Loaded with gilt! 21mm $1850.00
  CS42Av Sold   General Officers; Local, very rare cuff size. Dug with a small push; no shank. Nice smooth patina and great eye appeal. 13mm $325.00$275.00
  CS53 Sold   Confederate Navy medium size. Blank. Stand up shank intact. Chocolate brown patina. 18mm $600.00$500.00
cc028 CS53Av Sold   Medium size Confederate Navy button. Nice patina. Blank back. 18mm Please check availability.
  CS68A Sold   Non-dug CS Navy SHIP Button. Local. "E.M. Lewis & Co./Richmond.VA" rmdc 24mm Sold
  CS81A Sold   Nice, dug "C.S.A." button. "S. Buckley & Co/Birmingham" w/original thread in shank! 23mm $525.00
  CS81A1 Sold   "Superior Quality" 23mm Sold
  CS81A1 Sold   C.S.A. General Service. Dug with even ground action. "S. Buckley & Co/Birmingham" 23mm SOLD
  CS86A Sold   Solid cast "CSA" button. 22mm $350.00
  CS88 Sold    "CS over A" Rare and unusually nice! Smooth, without shank; most of this variety are dented or heavily pushed. This one has very minor place above the "C" and is an especially fine example. 17mm $675.00$600.00
  CS101A Sold   Stippled "A" "HT&B/Manchester" 25mm $525.00$375.00
  CS101A Sold   Stippled "A" "HT&B/Manchester" Slight push which hides along the "A" and is not distracting. 25mm $550.00
  CS101A Sold   Stippled "A" "HT&B/Manchester" Dug with facial dents; nice, smooth patina. 25mm SOLD
  CS102 Sold   Lined "A" "Superior Quality" Nice example. 23mm $225.00$200.00
  CS103 Sold   P. Tait "style" Artillery button with rare ".Smith Kemp &Wright./Birmingham" backmark! dug. 20mm $375.00
  CS107A1 Sold   Script "A": "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jermyn St" 23mm SOLD
  CS107A1 Sold   Script "A": "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jermyn St" Dug Atlanta Campaign; even, light push. 23mm SOLD
  CS117A Sold   Block "A" Local tinned iron back; copper face. 23mm $775.00
  CS117A Sold   Block "A" Local. Dug with smooth patina and light crazing to tin back. 23mm $175.00
  CS117A Sold   Block "A" Local. Very good dug example with woods crust still on it. 23mm $175.00
  CS127AV Sold   Tight cuff-sized English Lined "C" button. "S&W (on wings of a bee)/Extra Rich" This is a rare Central Government cuff! Dented. 16mm $265.00
  CS130 Sold   Script "C": "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jeremyn St" Dug from low country South Carolina. Condition rough. 23mm $100.00$85.00
  CS130A Sold   Dug Script "C" button. Smooth patina, mostly flattened and backmarked "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jeremyn St" 23mm $175.00
  CS152 Sold   Manuscript "E" ".S. Isaacs Campbell & Co./London/St.James.St" 26mm SOLD
  CS171A Sold   Stipled "I"; Scarcest of the regular HT&B letter group. Nice, rich deep patina. 25mm $550.00
  CS172 Sold   Confederate Lined "I" coat "Superior Quality*" Shank Missing. Back has a break and some damage. Face is superb. Dug in Petersburg, VA. 23mm SOLD
  CS172A1 Sold   Confederate Lined "I" coat "Superior Quality*". This one saw service and shows some rippling to face, yet very displayable. 23mm $200.00
  CS172A2 Sold   Confederate Lined "I" coat, blank back. Dented. 23mm SOLD
  CS172A2 Sold   Confederate Lined "I" coat, blank back. Super nice patina. 23mm SOLD
  CS175Av Sold   Medium sized Manuscript "I" button, dug. Spot of glue holds "P. Tait" style pull-out shank fast. This one is marked "P.Tait & Co/Limerick" 19mm $165.00
  CS175A Sold   Confederate Manuscript "I" Blank. (P. Tait style pull out shank). Dug, light ground action. 23mm $350.00
  CS177A Sold   Script "I" "Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jermyn St" 23mm SOLD
  CS177A2 Sold   Script "I" Blank. Shows nice patina. Also have an Isaacs & Campbell marked example available. 23mm SOLD
  CS177Av Sold   Dug kepi-sized Script "I" button. Excellent condition "Treble Rich/Standard" 13mm SOLD
  CS177A Sold   Script "I" Isaacs & Campbell/London/71 Jermyn St" Dug, hairline flaw on reverse. 23mm SOLD
  CS177Av Sold   Very nice, dug Script "I" cuff/kepi button. ".Treble Rich./Standd" 13mm Sold
  CS177A Sold   Blank back. Dug and flattened; display-worthy example. 23mm SOLD
  CS181A Sold   "E.M.L & C./Richmond. Va." rmdc, Dug example. Excellent face, no shank. 22mm SOLD
  CS181 Sold   Local, brassback block-I button, Dug example. 22mm SOLD
  CS181A3 Sold   Local, copper channel back. Shallow dent. Excellent Contrast. 22mm SOLD
  CS184A Sold   Cast "I" Nice, guaranteed non-dug and real. You don't see many of this grade. 23mm $600.00
  CS184A Sold   Dug Cast "I" 23mm SOLD
  CS184 Sold   Super condition dug Cast "I" button. 23mm SOLD
  CS185A Sold   Pewter "I" with integral pewter shank. Nice condition. 22mm SOLD
  CS186B Sold   "I" with stars. Patina is very nice; excellent solid back, shank is rusted away. Good definition to stars. 24mm $325.00
  CS188A Sold   Rare local script "I". With original iron shank intact. 21mm $550.00
  CS189A Sold   CS script "I". Blank 23mm SOLD
  CS204A Sold   Manuscript "R" button. ".Halfmann & Taylor./Montgomery" Super Rare!! 23mm SOLD
  CS205 Sold   Beautiful, mellow patina!! German Text "R" "Van Wart Son & Co" 23mm SOLD
  CS231A Sold   Sons of United Confederate Veterans "Goodwins Pat July 27, 1875" 23mm $55.00


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