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Artillery and Engineer Buttons


PhotoItem #Albert's CodeDescriptionSizePrice
ra002 AY8A Sold 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers, "*Carter*/Lombard Street". "Very Rare!" 22mm $2500.00
ra003 AY19A Sold   Artillery, 1st Regiment, War of 1812. "Armitage Phila" no shank, but added interest of clipped planchet during manufacture. 20mm $100.00
ra004 EG4A Engineer Corps, beautiful, "J.M.L&.W.H. Scovill/Waterbury. Con./(inner circle of rings punctuated by asterisks and colons)" Bright gilt, may be dug. 21mm $475.00
ra005 EG3B REDUCED   Fantastic, 1 piece Engineers button. Sharp, crisp detail! 24mm $675.00$575.00 Now...$550
ra006 EG4C Sold   Dug Engineer Corps, 1-piece, "T. Potts./Birmingham" No shank. Rare button and even scarcer dug. 20mm $125.00 Now...$100
ra010 AY32Av Sold   Regiment of Artillerists, 1811-1813. Blank back. This one appears to be nondug, but it could be a water find. 15mm $85.00
ra020 AY43Cv Sold   Light Artillery, 1st Regiment; 1808-1821. This is a copper button and while tarnished deeply it may be nondug! It is much nicer than it looks in the photo. 16mm $75.00
ra022 AY46B Artillery Regiment 24mm $225.00
ra024 AY47A Oversize War of 1812 Artillery Officer's button. 24mm $175.00
ra025 AY47A NEW   Artillery, 1-piece. " Double/Gilt." 23mm $125.00
ra026 AY47A REDUCED   Artillery, 1-piece. Nice, dug, with good gilt and original shank. " Strong /Stand." 23mm



ra028 AY52B Dug "Eagle on Cannon" Artillery, "*Treble*/Standard" 23mm $55.00
ra031 AY55Av REDUCED   Early Artillery Blank. Dug with original shank. 15mm



ra032 AY55Av Artillery Corps; Blank. Dug with original shank. Excellent detail and patina! 16mm $35.00
ra033 AY55B Sold   War of 1812 Artillery, American-made button. Backmark, "*Crumpton*Phila." Smooth emerald patina. 20mm $100.00
ra034 AY58A Militia Artillery, 2-piece. "*Kendrick & Co*/Superfine" 22mm $75.00
ra035 AY60unl Artillery, 1-piece with raised border and unlisted backmark. "Treble/Gilt/(wreath)" 22mm $75.00
ra036 AY60A NEW   Artillery 1-piece with great backmark, "(displayed eagle)/***Imperial Stand.***" 22mm $100.00
ra037 AY64 1-piece Eagle "A" "*Robinsons* /Extra" 19mm $45.00
ra038 Unl Royal Artillery, British, 1-piece. Dug in Northeastern Florida. Super nice, slick patina. 14mm $35.00
ra040 AY66 1-piece Eagle "A" Blank (2 concentric rings) 20mm $45.00
ra042 AY67 1-piece Eagle "A" Blank (2 concentric rings). Found Western fort. Replaced shank. 20mm $20.00
ra043 AY67 Sold 1-piece Eagle "A" "Young.Smith & Co./New York" 20mm $45.00
ra046 AY? 1-piece Eagle "A" "*Superfine*/Colour" 19mm $45.00
ra047 AY75 Sold   Dug, Low Convex Eagle "A" Shank is missing, back has been dented in, but it displays well, as an example of an early Seminole Indian/Mexican War artillery button. 20mm $20.00
  AY21A Sold   Very nice example of this War of 1812, 1st Artillery Regiment; 1-piece. No shank. 20mm $100.00$55.00
  AY34A Sold   1811-1813 Regiment of Artillerists, 3rd Regiment; 1-piece. 20mm $75.00
  AY34A1 Sold   3rd Regiment of Artillerist, 1811-1813. Worn, but more detail visible than photo suggests. Original shank. Old find from Sackett's Harbor. 20mm $55.00
  AY38Av Sold   Artillery, 3rd Regiment, 1813-1814. Excellent dug condition with original shank. Scarce! 15mm $75.00
  AY66A1 Sold   Eagle "A" One-piece. Dug, with some gilt and nicer backmark of "*Lewis & Tomes*/Extra" 20mm $50.00
  AY66 Sold   Eagle "A" One-piece. Dug and loaded with gilt! Neat, double-struck backmark. It would be hard to find a nicer dug example! 20mm $75.00
  AY? Sold   1-piece Eagle "A" Looks like AY71 but in 1 piece. "*Superior*/Quality" Choice 19mm $60.00
  AY1A Sold   Fantastic, Revolutionary War, Continental Artillery Officer's Button. Tremendous example showing but one tiny rim crack at about the ten o'clock position. Found in the Hudson Highlands. It doesn't get much nicer than this! 25mm $1250.00
  AY32A Sold   Regiment of Artillerists, 1811-1813. Blank back. This one appears as nondug, but believe it is a water find. The shank is original and has not been repaired. There is a wavy cluster of varnish on the back, as seen in picture. 20mm $75.00
  AY33Av Sold   2nd Regiment of Artillerist, 1811-1813. Dug shank is present; blank back. 15mm $55.00
  AY8 Sold   1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers. "*Carter*/Lombard Street" 22mm $2500.00
  AY34Av Sold   Outstanding example 1811-1813 Regiment of Artillerists, 3rd Regiment; Crisp detail and wonderful patina! 16mm $65.00
  AYunl Sold   The design is different than those recorded. Fantastic, dug condition with good backmark of "Lewis & Tomes./Extra Rich." 23mm $130.00
  AY52A Sold   Artillery, 1808-1821. Beautiful, dug example. 22mm Sold
  AY37A1 Sold   Artillery, 2nd Regiment, 1813-1814. Blank back with shank professionally restored. It looks nondug, but I understand it to be a water firnd. This beautiful example is from my personal collection. 20mm $75.00
  AY52C Sold   Artillery, 1808-1821, extra nice and unusual backmark , " (American eagle)/Superior Quality" surrounded by stars 23mm $135.00
  AY53Aunl Sold   Artillery, 1-piece. Very, Rare Design� and, especially so, with this great American button maker's mark. (This one is unrecorded and is only the second of these that I have seen). Dug with nice gilt, no shank. "Wishart. N.York" 23mm $250.00
  AY38A Sold   Artillery, 3rd Regiment, 1813-1814. Scarce with backmark of "Leavenworth Hayden & Scovill*" No shank, but the readable backmark is the key to understanding this fine, early button. Dug in the South. 20mm $100.00
  OC1 Sold   Ordnance, 1-piece. Rare! found Fairfield, SC; without shank. 22mm $175.00
  AY69A Sold   Rare Artillery with stars. Beautiful, uncleaned condition (you won't upgrade this one)! Heavy gilded front and silvered back. Very fine craftsmanship and looks to be a thin face rolled over a convex plain button�wonderful early construction, and apparently a Robinson Company produced button. 23mm $375.00
  AY21A Sold   War of 1812 Artillery, 1-piece. Found Low-Country, SC. Blank back, without shank. 21mm $50.00
  AY38A1 Sold   Artillery, 3rd Regiment. Blank, looks non-dug, but probably a water find. No shank. 20mm $75.00
  AY43 Sold   Light Artillery, 1st Regiment; Blank. Looks non-dug, but probably a water find. No shank. 20mm $75.00
  AY44 Sold   Light Artillery, 1st Regiment, convex 1-piece "H.T. & D/*Extra Superfine*" worn by the commander General Moses Porter who began his military career as an Ensign of the 6th Mass. Regt. in January of 1777. He was commissioned 2nd Lt. 3rd Cont'l Artillery in 1779 and served throughout the balance of the American Revolution. He was retained in regular service and commissioned Colonel, 1st LT. Artillery in March 1812. He was brevetted Brigadier General in 1813 for distinguished service in the campaign of 1813. Additional information and sound provenance available. A wonderful and historical button. 19mm SOLD
  AY51B Sold   Artillery 1808 to 1821; "*Treble Gilt*/Stand. Colour" Nice example, no shank. 23mm $50.00
  AY64 Sold   Excellent dug 1-piece Eagle "A" "*Robinsons* /Extra" Loaded with gilt! 22mm $75.00
  AY66A1 Sold   Eagle "A" One-piece. Non-dug, with nicer backmark of "*Lewis & Tomes*/Extra" 20mm $60.00
  AY71A Sold   Dug, Low Convex Cuff Eagle "A" 15mm $15.00
  AY73A Sold   Extraordinarily rare eagle "A", dug: "*Geo. Floyd*/Philadelphia" 21mm $100.00
  AY74Av Sold   Low convex eagle "A"; "Scovills & Co.*." 15mm $25.00


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